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May 25, 2008

Biofortification for China

Interesting article on genetically engineered crops in China -- Biofortification for China: Political Responses to Food Fortification and GM Technology, Interest Groups, and Possible Strategies, by Carl Pray (Rutgers University) and Jikun Huang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), 10(3) AgBioForum 161 (2008).

The article points out that "China was the first country to introduce a transgenic crop for commercial production.  Virus-resistant tobacco was first planted by farmers in 1992. Tomatoes with a long shelf life and resistance to virus, sweet peppers with virus resistance, and color-altered GM petunias were also grown in small amounts starting in the mid-1990s."

Abstract: Despite making enormous strides in reducing poverty, hunger, and malnutrition, China still has large numbers of people who do not consume sufficient micronutrients such as iron, zinc and Vitamin A. To meet this need, government agencies in China are supporting programs in industrial fortification and vitamin supplements. In recent years the government has also supported research on biofortification of major grain crops using both conventional plant breeding and transgenic techniques. The article assesses the potential political barriers to the acceptance of biofortified crops and concludes that biofortification using non-transgenic techniques would probably not face much opposition, while biofortification with transgenic techniques might have a more difficult time. The article then assesses which groups in China are likely to support or oppose biofortification and then proposes some strategies that the government and international agencies might use if they decide to support biofortification.

Pray, C., & Huang, J. (2007). Biofortification for China: Political responses to food fortification and GM technology, interest groups, and possible strategies. AgBioForum, 10(3), 161-169. Available on the World Wide Web: http://www.agbioforum.org.

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A great well writen post. as a domestic energy assessor in the uk im interested in this for my epc.

Posted by: home inspector | Jul 11, 2008 6:05:33 PM

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