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February 8, 2008

Video interview with proponent of Mississippi obesity bill

CBS News interviewed Mississippi state representative John Read, one of the proponents of the recent bill banning obese people from eating in restaurants (blogged here and here), and Joseph Nadglowski, President of the Obesity Action Coalition , an organization that

"aims to educate patients, family members and the public on obesity and morbid obesity. In addition, the OAC will increase obesity education, work to improve access to medical treatments for obese patients, advocate for safe and effective treatments and strive to eliminate the negative stigma associated with all types of obesity."

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It's a gesture of hate. I am a person that has lost 60 pounds, and I am still treated like a third class citizen because I'm still big. I never have eaten much fast food or fried food to begin with, and I don't have any weight related health issues..even at my highest weight. He said it was to bring the issue out.. I can't turn the tv on or the radio without hearing about how evil fat people are. It's become an attack or witch hunt on fat people.. not a campaign to live healthier. Because of that, people think it's open season on fat people now. I am so sick of it, that I feel like just giving up and not caring anymore. If I'm going to be treated like all I do is sit around and eat junk, then why should I work so hard? The other point is that not all fat people are fat due to eating. This is why it should be about food and not fat people, but when you have stock footage of fat people on the news constantly talking about obese people and how they are causing all this trouble.. it's not going to change. I have people be rude and discriminate against me more now than ever before, and I'm thinner than before. I hate what is going on.

Posted by: Chris | Mar 10, 2008 12:32:05 AM

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