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November 15, 2007

Wal-Mart sustainability initiatives

Walmart has published a report on its progress on various sustainability initiatives, and consumer groups have published critiques:

Full civil society critique available at: www.laborrights.org/projects/corporate/walmart/CounterSustainability.pdf
Wal-Mart progress report available at: http://walmartstores.com/GlobalWMStoresWeb/navigate.do?catg=772

Washington, DC—As Wal-Mart releases its long-anticipated sustainability progress report today, 23 environmental, farm, labor, and human rights groups are disseminating their own report, “Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Initiative: A Civil Society Critique.”

The report, prepared by some of the country’s most respected public interest groups, includes sections on Wal-Mart’s specific commitments in seven product areas -- organics, seafood, shrimp, forest products, cypress mulch, product packaging, and toxic chemicals -- as well as sections on global warming and Wal-Mart’s international business practices. It argues that even if Wal-Mart achieved all of its stated goals, the company’s business model is inherently unsustainable.

(Hat tip Mark Kastel, Cornucopia Institute)

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