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October 21, 2007

Collin Peterson: paying more for organic or local food is "dumb"

Today's headline from the Organic Consumers Association: Congress Agriculture Committee Head, Colin Peterson, Says U.S. Consumers Who Buy Organic Food Are 'Dumb'.

The quote actually comes from a MSNBC.com Financial Times article by Alan Beattie, US farm bill unlikely to aid good nutrition.  Excerpt:

But those in charge of farm policy largely disagree [that research on organic production needs more subsidy], and their view is almost certain to prevail. Collin Peterson, chairman of the House of Representatives agricultural committee, says the farm sector that raises organic produce and grass-fed beef for local consumers needs little federal help. "It is growing, and it has nothing to do with the government, and that is good," he told the FT. "For whatever reason, people are willing to pay two or three times as much for something that says 'organic' or 'local'. Far be it from me to understand what that's about, but that's reality. And if people are dumb enough to pay that much then hallelujah."

Financial Times article

Organic Consumers Association article

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Perhaps Mr. Peterson never tasted the difference. Sorry to know that.

Posted by: karen taylor | Oct 21, 2007 5:16:49 PM

just look at this guy he looks sick you are what you eat

Posted by: dave | Nov 2, 2007 8:11:51 AM

I guess I am dumb by Peterson's standards since I eat almost nothing that isn't organic. I guess it is smart, by those standards, to eat nutritionally depleted factory-farmed foods, genetically engineered foods with unknown health risks, and of course foods grown by people who make political contributions to the right people.

Personally, given these definitions I would rather stay dumb. I foolishly take comfort from knowing that the food I eat isn't contaminated by anything like e coli, pesticide, or questionable man-made strands of DNA. I enjoy the fact that it is cheaper for me to eat these so-called "expensive" organic foods because my food is 80% to 300% more nutritionally dense that the commercially grown foods, so at least twice as cost effective (see http://www.rawfoodlife.com/Articles___Research/Organic_vs_commercial_food/organic_vs_commercial_food.htm)

Finally, I enjoy knowing that the lifestyle I choose to live is healthier, more enjoyable, tastes better, creates less garbage is sustainable and requires less energy. So I am a dumb person. Well, this is proof that the old saying IS true: "Ignorance Is Bliss!”

- RawFoodGuy

Posted by: RawFoodGuy | Nov 15, 2007 8:35:13 AM

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