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September 30, 2007

Bill Marler on the safety of the US meat supply

Food safety lawyer, Bill Marler, is urging Congress to address the increasing problem of contaminated meat.  Read Bill's post on Marlerblog:

One would think that with hundreds of Americans poisoned that Congress would ask one simple question – “What is going on?” Congress needs to act now. It is time for Congress to accept a leadership role and call hearings, not only to explore the reasons for the past months’ outbreaks, but also to help prevent the next one. Congress must reach out to all facets of the meat industry, from “farm to fork,” to consumers who bear the burden of illnesses, and to academics and regulators to find reasonable, workable solutions to prevent meat-related illnesses. More regulation may not help. Testing all products may not be feasible. More funding for enforcement for the CDC and USDA may not work. And, more funding for university research may also not be the answer. However, getting all to the same table is a start. Congress needs to do the inviting.

Here's a somewhat related tidbit:  The ongoing Topps recall is a voluntary reacll.  In fact, all food recalls are voluntary. FSIS Food Recalls Fact Sheet.

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