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February 24, 2007

Cornucopia to sue USDA over Organic Enforcement

The organic farming watchdog, Cornucopia Institute, announced this week that it will file a complaint in federal district court accusing the USDA of "ignoring the organic regulations, and the intent of Congress, by their failure to enforce the law."

According to Cornucopia's letter of intent to file, the agency has failed to adopt recommendations of the National Organic Standards Board, prolonging an ongoing dispute about the role of large "factory" farms in organic milk production.

“Since we passed the first policy recommendation in 2001, which would have put a stop to these corporate farms abusing the trust of organic consumers, 10 to 20 more of these mammoth industrial dairies, which are placing family farmers at a competitive disadvantage, have started up (or are in the process of transitioning to organic),” said [Jim Riddle, of the University of Minnesota and former chair of the National Organic Standards Board. ]. “It appears that the USDA is looking the other way by allowing these confinement dairies to not provide pasture for their lactating cows, and by allowing a few certification agencies to approve these factory-farm operations.”

Happy_cow_1 Happy cow from the Cornucopia website.

Link to the Cornucopia Institute press release

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