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December 8, 2006

New Haven gets new Food Policy Council

The City of New Haven has established a Food Policy Council.  Food is a basic need, and just as there is a water authority and a housing authority, the city thought there should be a body to ensure that healthy food is available. 

With the expertise of members from diverse backgrounds, supporters of the council think it has the potential to address economic and cultural concerns associated with poor nutrition, as well as to seriously improve access to locally grown, nutritious food for all residents - Yale students and low-income residents included.

New Haven ranked near the bottom of Connecticut cities in terms of "food security" according to a report issued last year.

[Food security is] a term which reflects the nutritional adequacy, equitable pricing and geographic accessibility of a region's foods. The measurement also evaluates whether citizens have access to transportation to reach food and whether the foods consumed encourage the city to be self-reliant in case outside food sources are compromised. Officials from CitySeed, the non-profit organization focused on sustainability that pioneered the council's creation, said the body was not formed in direct response to the study's low ratings, but the report brought to light many issues that supporters hope the council will address.

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