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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


The Economist has several articles recently on the trend of childlessness, including:

The Rise of Childlessness:

POCKET LIVING has been building and selling small flats in London since 2005. The flats have many of the things that young, single people want, such as bicycle storage, and lack the things they do not, such as large kitchens and lots of bookshelves. At first, Pocket expected that most buyers would be in their late 20s, says Marc Vlessing, the firm’s boss. Instead the average age is 32, and rising. It is not that many buyers are yet to have children, speculates Mr Vlessing; rather, they probably will never have them.

A growing number of city-dwelling Europeans are in the same situation. Just 9% of English and Welsh women born in 1946 had no children. For the cohort born in 1970—who, barring a few late surprises, can be assumed to be done with babies—the proportion is 17%. In Germany 22% of women reach their early 40s without children; in Hamburg 32% do.

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In Defence of the Childless:

One by one, prejudices are tumbling in the West.  People may harbour private suspicions that other people's race, sex or sexuality makes them inferior--but to say so openly is utterly taboo.  As most kind of prejudiced talk become the preserve of anonymous social-media ranters, though one old strain remains respectable.  Just ask a childless person.

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