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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jane Roe Obituary

From the Economist:

SOMETIMES she just couldn’t settle at anything. At ten she ran away from home to stay with a girlfriend in a motel. At 16 she married a man who took her for a ride in his black Ford car, but she left after two months because he beat her. She lived on the streets, slept with women and men, got pregnant by the men. Pot, acid, mescalin, she did it all. Work was whatever came along: barhop, carnival barker, house-painter, cleaner. She got involved in the whole abortion debate first on one side and then, when she took Jesus Christ for her personal saviour, on the other. That made her famous, though nobody knew who the regular Norma McCorvey was. And maybe they didn’t care.

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No matter what I feel inside, I know that abortion, like many other earthshaking, heated issues, has its gray areas. Whenever I contemplate abortion – the pros and cons — I stop dead in my tracks. What if I were somebody's abortion? What if you were?

Posted by: Reed James | Mar 15, 2017 4:57:07 PM

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