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Friday, January 17, 2014

New Documentary on Divorce


A new documentary is opening this week in Atlanta and 15 other cities around the nation called 'Divorce Corp.' The film, narrated by television psychotherapist Dr. Drew Pinsky, presents information about how the industry of divorce has destroyed families and individuals across the nation.

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Once these businesses profit from the demise of families a second group swoops in and does the same. Child protection service agencies have long profited from referring family members to service providers which the family member is required to participate in regardless of whether or not claims of abuse or neglect are true. These CPS agencies benefit directly from this by receiving federal funds (job security) for the business they generate on behalf of these service providers. Also, the case workers benefit indirectly by forming relationships with the businesses they provide with a steady stream of customers and often graduate to working for them. This is big business! Not only is it immoral, it also creates a huge conflict of interest which has totally been ignored and progressively become the norm in handling cases of abuse or neglect regardless of whether or not such allegations are true or false. I truly hope that someone with knowledge that supports this will step forward and shed some light on this abuse of power and how it has served to further deteriorate the American family.

Posted by: DenverDad | Feb 21, 2014 4:30:09 PM

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