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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Delivery Man

From Professor Naomi Cahn (the George Washington University Law School), writing for the Huffington Post:

In Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn stars in another one of his endearing, yet slightly slobbish, roles. This time, he has just found out that his decades-old anonymous contributions to a sperm bank have resulted in 533 children. And lots of those children want to find out who he is. In fact, more than 140 have filed a lawsuit against him, trying to force him to reveal his identity. Oh, and he also has a love interest who thinks he's not reliable.

This remake of the 2011 French Canadian film Starbuck (yes, that's the real title, presumably with all puns intended) falls nicely into the genre of romantic comedy. For many people, it might also seem to fall into the genre of science fiction: how could one man's sperm create more than 500 children?

But it's not science fiction. It's the potential reality that hundreds of thousands of people live with. Their parents used anonymous sperm donors, and did so within an industry that is very lightly regulated. The movie shows that we need to step back and look carefully at the reproductive medicine industry in the United States. To date, it has primarily focused on helping to achieve pregnancy and profiting from the sale of eggs and sperm, rather than on the consequences to the families that are formed from these donations.

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