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Monday, October 28, 2013


From Jacoba Urist, writing for Today:

Traditionally, the role of a godparent has religious overtones. In many denominations of Christianity, a godmother or godfather is someone who sponsors a child’s official entrance into the church. For nonsectarian families, a godparent has historically been an individual chosen by parents to take an active interest in a child’s personal or character development.

But these days, more Americans may be eschewing the godparent tradition, opting only for a legal guardian in the event that something happens to both parents — over that “special aunt or uncle” who plays a symbolic role in a child’s upbringing. 

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Me personally, Im not a traditionalist ( at least not in this area) consequently never been keen on the notion of having 'Godparents'.

Posted by: Tulsa Divorce Attorney Matt Ingham | Oct 28, 2013 7:09:36 PM

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