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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


From the Atlantic:

So Marissa Mayer banned telecommuting at Yahoo, telling her employees they either had to work in the office or quit. The howls of protest went up at such a deeply anti-family policy, particularly in the proudly family-friendly (at least rhetorically) Silicon Valley. How on earth could the first pregnant CEO, with a young baby and a nursery in her office, deny her employees the ability to work with their children nearby?

I obviously understand the concerns, given that I'm writing a book on the coming work-family revolution and the steps we must all take to bring it about. But hang on. Marissa Mayer is a CEO first and a woman second. Indeed, she is a role model for many precisely because she made it to the top job. And as a CEO, her first job is to save her company. If she fails in that, the employees she is insisting come in to the office will have no jobs to come in to.

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