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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looking for a Baby Parent

From the New York Times:

Neither Ms. Hope nor Mr. Williams is interested in a romantic liaison. But they both want a child, and they’re in serious discussions about having, and raising, one together. Never mind that Mr. Williams is gay and that the two did not know of each other’s existence until last October, when they met on, a Web site for people looking to share parenting arrangements.

Mr. Williams and Ms. Hope are among a new breed of online daters, looking not for love but rather a partner with whom to build a decidedly non-nuclear family. And several social networks, including,,, and, as well as Modamily, have sprung up over the past few years to help them.

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Hat Tip: Naomi Cahn

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Thank you for picking up on this article in the NYT and linking to PollenTree.
My wife and I started PollenTree - we are both ex-lawyers.

Co-parenting and other alternative family structures are going more mainstream, (though they have been in existence for a long time).
I have every confidence that case-law and eventually legislation will recognise these societal changes - after all that is why the law is so interesting.


Posted by: Patrick Harrison | Feb 14, 2013 4:56:07 AM

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