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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Latch on NYC"

From Jacoba Urist writing for the Wall Street Journal:

Starting September 3rd, under the "Latch on NYC" initiative, the City will monitor the number of formula bottles hospitals use, by keeping them in the same kind of lock-boxes they use to store medications.

So far, 27 of the New York's 40 hospitals have signed on, agreeing to toss out formula-branded items like lanyards and mugs and to document a medical reason for every bottle a newborn receives— treating formula like a prescription drug.

With each formula bottle a mother requests, she’ll get a lactation lecture about why she should use breast milk instead.

NYU Medical’s spokesperson told The New York Post that they’ve already adopted the program. The Post reports that NYU’s breastfeeding rate has jumped from 39 to 68 percent of new mothers since they implemented it.

Read more here.


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It has been scientifically proven that babies need to be breast feed. New York has the right idea with this one.

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