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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adoption in England

From Family Law Week:

The Prime Minister has announced plans to reduce radically the time it takes for a child to move in with their permanent family. The proposals are included in the policy paper Proposals for placing babies with permanent carers earlier.

The Government will legislate to make fostering by potential adopters standard practice in many cases, so that those in care are placed with carers who have the potential to become their adoptive parents, rather than in temporary homes.

The Government wants to see more children becoming part of a permanent family sooner so they can reap the benefits of growing up in a stable and loving environment. The Prime Minister has already expressed concern that just 60 babies under one year of age were adopted in 2010/11.

New analysis shows that for the babies who come into care aged under one month, half were eventually adopted, but it took an average of more than 15 months for them to move in with their permanent family.

Ministers believe this is too long and want many more babies and children to move into their potentially permanent home earlier than they have done in recent years. The Government will do this by introducing a new legal duty on local authorities to consider placing children with approved adopters who will foster the child first, and help provide a stable home much earlier in their life. This will remove groundless doubts about whether 'Fostering for Adoption' is legal and good practice.

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It sounds like the Prime Minister is on to something good. We want adoptee children to find permanent placement and get into those permanent quickly so that the adoptee children and grow accustomed and enjoy their lives.

Posted by: Divorce Forms | Aug 4, 2012 3:57:22 PM

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