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Friday, April 27, 2012

Break-Up Letter Breaks Any Financial Obligations to Mistress

From NY Daily News:

HE FLEW HER ALL over the globe, gave her a black American Express card, bought her an apartment and showered her with cash.

But C.C. Wang — wedding-dress designer Vera Wang's widowed father — refused to make an honest woman out of his loyal mistress of 30 years, Betty Phillips. 

And when Phillips flew from her home in Singapore to Wang’s New York sickbed after his second stroke, she was cast off like a stained bridesmaid’s gown.

Instead of love, she got a cold-as-ice letter that outlined the terms of the relationship: no wedding, no money and, please, no visits.

Phillips signed the breakup letter — and a judge now says that means she isn’t entitled to the fortune C.C. left when he died.

“There is no proof she was forced to sign the letter,” the judge wrote Wednesday, ruling against Phillips’ claim she deserves $10 million and a hefty allowance.

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