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Friday, July 8, 2011

700 Signatures

From the Daily Journal:

DELAWARE, Ohio — A judge in central Ohio must put his signature on paperwork for as many as 700 divorce cases where he had delegated the signing to magistrates.

That didn't fly with a state appeals court, which ruled late last month in a case from Judge Everett Krueger's court that a judge must sign the entries.

The Delaware County Common Pleas judge told The Columbus Dispatch on Wednesday that no divorces are invalid. But he says to be safe he's going through all the cases and signing off on the ones that magistrates had taken care of.

The newspaper says court employees are reviewing divorce files going back five years.

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Back in the 1930s and earlier, the practice was common place, but that was 70 - 80 years ago. Glad to see the court of appeals made the correct decision and ordered the judge to place his signature on the legal documents.

Posted by: Divorce Oklahoma City | Jul 8, 2011 10:31:20 AM

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