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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rastamouse--Bad Influence on Children?

From the Daily Caller:

Rastamouse, a reggae-singing, crime-solving rat puppet, has become a big hit with Britain’s children. But according to some parents and activists, the BBC character is a bad influence on the nation’s youth.

The rodent has also burrowed into the hearts of Britain’s pot enthusiasts, says The Guardian. Rastamouse often remarks upon his love of “cheese” –- a code word for marijuana.

Despite the squabble, the BBC says they stand by the character. “”Rastamouse is part of a rich and varied CBeebies schedule, which is dedicated to reflecting the lives of all children in this country,” they write in a statement. “Although Rastamouse has a particular appeal to young Afro-Caribbean children, its entertaining stories and positive messages – about friendship, respect and community – are intended to be enjoyed by all our young viewers, regardless of their backgrounds.”

See a clip of rastamouse and read more about it here.


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