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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dividing a Dog

A Canadian couple's property division had stalled over only one possession: the family dog.

From GlobalBC:

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Ted Zarzeczny, in his recently released written ruling, made it clear he was none too impressed with this dog fight.

"It is an unacceptable waste of these parties' financial resources, the time and abilities of their two very experienced and capable legal counsel and most importantly the public resource of this court that a dispute of this kind should occupy all in a one-day trial involving three witnesses, including an expert called by one of the parties," Zarzeczny said.

"It is demeaning for the court and legal counsel to have these parties call upon these legal and court resources because they are unable to settle, what most would agree, is an issue unworthy of this expenditure of time, money and public resources," he added.

See the terms of this property division here.


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One of my current clients is fighting for joint custody of the marital dog...during our initial consulation, I advised him that spending precious dollars on a custody battle over a dog is ill-advised. He told me he understood and thanked me for my candor, but he still moved forward with the custody battle.

Posted by: Tulsa Divorce Lawyer | Jan 13, 2011 6:01:33 PM

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