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Monday, November 1, 2010

Amzat: “The Effect of Poverty on Education in Nigeria: Obstacles and Solutions”

Ismail Hussein Amzat has posted The Effect of Poverty on Education in Nigeria: Obstacles and Solutions, 1 OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development 55-72 (2010) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract:

This paper embarks on a long journey deep into the history of a country that is supposed or predicted generally to be economically one the leading countries in the world or at least in Africa. Nigeria has been blessed tremendously and generously with remarkable economic resources such as oil, cocoa, rubber and plantations. Despite all these natural resources and blessed assets, it is really lamentable to see an increasing number of Nigerians still living in absolute poverty in recent times. In the rural areas, poverty seems to be higher compared to urban areas. The effects of poverty in the country, the instability of the government and the country’s leadership have seriously damaged the educational system as well as its quality. The graduate unemployment rate is high and frightening as well as that of adults, and the number of children dropping out from schools, joining the street traders and snatch-thieves is alarming. Adequate planning, resources and materials are not invested and technological intervention is not incorporated. In this regard, this paper is a qualitative research by nature based on interviews with some Nigerian experts, educationists and scholars about what the Nigerian government should do to reduce poverty that is tearing our educational standards and quality apart. Besides, the paper proposes some solutions and makes recommendations through interviews which perhaps the Nigerian government will consider to raise the standard and quality of education in Nigeria.


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This article is timely at a period when the educational system in Nigeria needs to be rescued.I wish the paper makes the needed impact.

Posted by: TALATU AHMAD | Sep 24, 2013 8:38:47 PM

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