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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hunger Strikes and Child Support

Could they possibly be related?

A Tooele County man behind bars, is on a hunger strike, starving himself because he says he cannot get justice in the court system.

Kenyon Eastin says he's not a deadbeat Dad, just misunderstood. The judge overseeing his case will not lower his child support payments from $800 dollars a month to $525 a month. Eastin claims lowering his payments are necessary for his survival, "It's not that I don't want to pay my child support, I cannot afford what the judge has set and he says I am voluntarily unemployed." The father says he's asked several times but because he's changed his job from a financial adviser to a painter, something he claims the judge says he's over qualified for and will not adjust his payments.

Eastin says he cares about his kids. But when in court last week, when the Tooele man wouldn't give his reasoning for non-payment verbally the judge sent him to jail. Now Eastin is hoping his hunger strike gets people to listen, and lower child support payments.

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