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Friday, February 12, 2010

Find Your Match for Only $2,000 and a Few Cheek Cells

With Valentine's Day coming up, this dating service might become a hit.

From the Washington Post:

ScientificMatch subscribers are asked to send in a DNA sample --"just a cotton swab you rub on the inside of your mouth for a few seconds," Holzle explains -- which is then analyzed and entered into a database. Users are still asked to create profiles that include photos and information about their interests and personalities. Genetic information isn't shared with any of the users, but only profiles of people with compatible -- meaning very different -- immune system genes will pop up as matches.

The idea is that it is best for couples to have complementary immune response potentials for various pathogens so that the resulting children have a stronger, more responsive immune system.  Those with complementing immune response systems are therefore attracted to each other.  

A scientist friend of mine lends assurances that this dating service will not lead to genetic matching with cousins twice removed.

Read more here.


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