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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Divorce Attorney Tells All

A Massachusetts divorce attorney has co-authored a new book with a journalist, entitled Sex, Love, and Money: Revenge and Ruin in the World of High-Stakes Divorce. The book description is as follows:

In this riveting memoir, one of the nation's best divorce lawyers opens decades of case files, exposing salacious stories that make fiction jealous.

We all know the stereotypes of divorce: the cheating husband, the financially and emotionally broke wife. But after handling fighting spouses for nearly forty years, attorney Gerald Nissenbaum knows that the truth is even more outrageous and extraordinary than the characters on soap operas or courtroom reality TV.

From a money-hungry wife who emptied the entire house-from furniture to the light fixtures-before leaving her husband penniless; to a revenge-obsessed husband who delivered truckloads of documents to his wife trying to deceive her, Nissenbaum shares the best tales from his extensive, successful career. Commanding upwards of $700 per hour, he knows everything about his well-to-do clients: how much is in his bank account; what kind of sex she likes and how often; if they marred for money or power; how he cheated and with whom.

Based on the three elements that hold a marriage together and ultimately tear many apart, Sex, Love and Money examines the darkly humorous, ironic, cathartic, vindictive, sad and simply astonishing situations people go through to break asunder what a wedding put together.

In this compelling memoir, Gerald Nissenbaum and John Sedgwick shed a blinding light on the behind-the-scenes work of divorce lawyers with a comedic bang. Showing all sides of human nature, from the very best to the absolute worst, this compulsively readable tale is a true guilty pleasure.

For commentary on the book, see here and here.  Check out the book on Amazon here.


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