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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trafficking in Children - From the Adoptive Parent Perspective

There have been a number of reports lately, from all over the globe, of children being kidnapped from their parents and sold or otherwise placed for adoption without their biological parents' consent.  See, for instance, this article about Korean adoptees pressing for change in the Korean adoption system.  The tone of most writings on this issue always seems to bother me, as I read into it a vilification of adoptive parents.  A report in the Los Angeles Times today raises questions about which more dialogue needs to occur:  What steps should prospective adoptive parents take before adopting from Korea, China, or other countries with a history of trafficking allegations?  What are adoptive parents like those interviewed for LA Times story, whose adoptions are already complete, to do?


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As well, what steps should prospective U.S. adoptive parents take before adopting children born in the U.S.? Often there is no actual consent of the biological fathers of children born to unwed mothers, as when failures by biological fathers to sign onto putative father registries preclude participation in adoption proceedings by the biological fathers, including those who were unaware of their childrens' births, perhaps due to lies.

Posted by: Jeff Parness | Nov 12, 2009 7:40:10 AM

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