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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love and Marriage Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

Leah Ward Sears—retired chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, partner at the Atlanta office of Schiff Hardin, William Thomas Sears Distinguished Fellow in Family Law at the Institute for American Values, and visiting professor on family law issues at the University of Georgia School of Law—has published an interesting editorial supporting marriage in our culture and society, available here.  Some advice:

As a child grows up, the guideposts should be: finish school; become a productive citizen; marry a person you want to spend your life with; and, if you want, have children. In that order.

See another one of her editorials on marriage here.



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Please notice the careful wording in professor Sears' op-ed "marry a person you want to spend your life with". This is hopeful language because it recognizes that marriage is based on love, not biology. I hope she will be willing to revise the "Marriage Index" proposal to recognize the benefits of marriage equality. No matter what the so-called "defenders of marriage" say, GLBT people did not destroy the institution of marriage. Straight people did. If we work at it, a coalition of *all* people may be able to save it.

Posted by: Jonathan | Nov 24, 2009 4:22:17 PM

We should all appreciate Leah Ward Sears' carefully crafted language:

"marry a person you want to spend your life with"

Professor Sears appears to recognize that strong marriages are based on love, not biology. It's unfortunate that the language of the IAV's "Marriage Index" report is heterosexist and anti-gay because it implies that marriage equality will negatively impact the institution of marriage. The reality is that heterosexuals deconstructed the institution all by themselves. GLBT relationships that survive the discrimination from so-called "family values" activists will only help strengthen marriage. It would be nice to see professor Sears revise the "Index" to embrace marriage equality.

Posted by: Jonathan | Nov 24, 2009 5:04:01 PM

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