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Friday, September 5, 2008

Teen Pregnancy: Op Ed by Family Law Professors

An interesting op-ed by two Family Law Prof colleagues, June Carbone of University of Missouri-Kansas City and Naomi Cahn of George Washington University, in, from St. Louis.

Carbone and Cahn argue:

Bristol Palin's pregnancy illustrates that there are many ways to help teen
mothers and that there are many areas in which the red/blue partisan divide
could be reduced. No one in the blue states wants her to have an abortion if
she opposes it. What we should be able to agree on is to teach our daughters
science, and that means comprehensive sex education that stresses the
advantages of abstinence and delaying sex until the couple is sufficiently
mature, but also explains how to protect against pregnancy and sexually
transmitted disease if one does have sex. We should be able to agree on
promoting adoption as an alternative for mothers to consider. We should be able
to agree on providing high-quality childcare to those single mothers who choose
to continue their education instead of entering into shotgun marriages. The
Palins may have the resources to secure their daughter's future, but for most
of the rest of the population, teen pregnancies and teen marriage secure only
cycles of poverty.

The full piece is available here.   

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