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Friday, May 4, 2007

Family Unity for Immigrant Families?

"When George W. Bush was running for president in 2000 as a new kind of Republican — the caring kind — he had a ready answer for those skeptical of his moderate views on immigration. “Family values do not stop at the Rio Grande,” he said, again and again. He was standing up for immigrants who come here seeking better lives for their children, and he repeated the message so often that it stuck.

Now, like so much else in Mr. Bush’s tattered slogan file, it’s in danger of coming unstuck. Negotiators struggling to draft an immigration bill in Washington are being pressured by the White House and Republican leaders to gut the provisions of the law that promote the unity of immigrant families in favor of strictly employment-based programs.

Details are still being sweated out in private, but a draft proposal circulated by the White House and the G.O.P. would eliminate or severely restrict whole categories of family-based immigration in favor of a system that would assign potential immigrants points based on age, skills, education, income and other factors. Citizens would no longer be able to sponsor siblings and children over 21, and their ability to bring in parents would be severely limited."

N.Y. Times Editorial Link to Editorial (last visited 5-4-07 NVS)

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Woman Imprisoned By In-Laws

"Police in India have rescued a 40-year-old woman who was imprisoned by her in-laws in a dingy room for 15 years because she could not pay enough dowry. Police said the woman, Madhavi Das, was naked and locked in the room when policemen broke in with help from neighbors on Saturday.

"She was admitted in a mental asylum as years of solitary confinement has taken a toll on her sanity," Siddhi Nath Gupta, a senior police officer, said on Sunday. Three members of the family, including her husband, were arrested." Reuters, Link to Article (last visited 5-1-07 NVS)

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