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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Housing Crisis for Low Income Families

"Nearly half of the country’s lowest-income families suffer from what Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies describes as a severe housing cost burden that places them at clear risk of homelessness. These struggling families often live doubled up with relatives and spend more than half of their pretax incomes on rent, which means that they keep a roof over their heads only by cutting back on food, clothing and medical care.

The affordable housing crisis was accelerated during the 1980’s, when the Reagan administration and Congress backed away from a longstanding federal commitment to affordable housing by cutting construction funds and revising the tax structure in ways that discouraged investment in affordable, multifamily buildings. Congress could reverse those disastrous policies and help the most vulnerable families by passing legislation that would create the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund."

N.Y. Times Editorial Llink to Article (last visited 7-3-07 NVS)

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