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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Disabled Children in Nursing Homes

"Ronnie Rivera, a 15-year-old in braided pigtails, sits in a wheelchair in a narrow hallway of Hill Haven senior-citizen nursing home. A half-dozen other residents, many with dementia and most four to six decades older, sit nearby. Around them, a maintenance worker mops the linoleum floor.

Ronnie has lived in this single-story red-brick building since she was 10 years old, the only child among elders. Her mother, Iris Rivera-Smith, has tried unsuccessfully for years to get the financial help she would need to bring her daughter home.

Thousands of other children are growing up in nursing homes across the country, many for the same reason as Ronnie. Federal disability insurance guarantees nursing-home care for the disabled. But in many states, its coverage isn't enough to let those people, children included, live at home -- even when the cost to taxpayers, and the strain on families, is often much lower."

By Clare Ansberry, Wall Street Journal Link to Article (last visited 6-30-07 NVS)

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