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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Election Results: Constitutional Amenmdents Banning Same-Sex Marriage

Constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage were on the ballot in eight states and were approved in seven (Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin)  of the eight (with Arizona defeating the initiative).   Some of the states had proposals that banned same-sex marriage but did not speak to domestic partnerships (e.g., Wisconsin, Tennessee) ; while others banned both civil unions and gay marriage.  (Virginia, Arizona, Colorado)

Vote margins were Colorado (56-44 percent), Idaho (63-37), South Carolina (78-22), South Dakota (52-48), Tennessee (80-20), Virginia (57-43) and Wisconsin (59-41) with Arizona defeating the measure (51-49).

An ABC News story notes the divergence between voting on this issue and voting for candidates with conservative views on marriage issues.  Washington Post Reporter Chris Jenkins reports on the Virginia ballot issue in the Washington Post  and his report on the Wisconsin election appears in the Green Bay Press Gazette.  For analysis of the effect of religious groups on the issue in Wisconsin, see the Channel3000 report from Madison, Wisconsin. For the Tennessee outcome and reaction,  watch a video from Nashville News station WKRN. 

Some early analysis of the outcomes include: - noting that while 7 of the 8 states passed the ban, the margin was narrower than in prior years in other states and also reporting on election results for candidates with strong views on the issue

Stanley Kurtz's analysis appears in the National Review.

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