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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Young Adults Stay on Parents' Health Insurance

"Many middle-class young adults are staying on their parents’ health insurance long after college these days. It’s an interesting trend. But in no way is it a solution to the growing problem of the uninsured. If anything, it is a stopgap measure that helps the more fortunate while sapping the political will for sweeping change. With 47 million Americans uninsured, the nation’s health system is in crisis. More and more people are seeking treatment in emergency rooms because they have nowhere else to go. By one estimate, unpaid hospital bills have reached $45 billion annually, raising the cost of health insurance by 8.5 percent for those who are insured.Among the uninsured are more than a quarter of adults between ages 18 and 34. As Jennifer Lee reported recently in The Times, states are responding to the problem with legislation to allow children to stay on their parents’ health insurance longer. New Jersey is one of eight states that have passed such a “piggyback” statute just since 2003." Amherst Times Link to Article (last visited 9-27-06 NVS)

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