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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Film on Polygamy by Indonesian Filmmaker

"Nia Dinata is, without much doubt, Indonesia's most talented new filmmaker: Packed screenings of her latest movie on polygamy at Cannes attest to that. More art house than Hollywood, her success springs from a fearless drive to address issues of the day with poignancy, and touches of humor. In "Love for Share," viewers can also detect something else, an authenticity bred of experience. For Dinata, 36, a movie that showed the behind the scenes anguish of polygamous marriages, most particularly for women, was an obvious thing to do. As more conservative strands of Islam take hold in Indonesia, polygamy is on the rise, flaunted in public by princesses and politicians. Dinata grasped the moment to show what she calls the sadness and denials behind the smiles of wives who say they accept being one of a crowd. When she was 18, just starting her freshman year at college in the United States, she was unexpectedly called home: Her father was taking a second wife." By Jane Perlez, International Herald Tribune Link to Article (last visited 8-21-06 NVS)

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