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Monday, June 19, 2006

Life Without Dad

"I grew up in a single-parent family, on welfare, in the projects. So I guess I shouldn't be an editor at a big-city newspaper, or have two college degrees. I am. I do. I should be mad at my dad, mad at the world for putting me in such straits. I'm not. I should be a bad father with kids all over town. Nope. Only two, and they bear my name.But the pain of poverty and an absent father shaped me. My father left when I was 6. Months later our apartment building burned down, and we lost everything. Charity met our physical needs. We never had much money even when my father was with us, but the secondhand bikes he bought us were more important than anything given to us by others. Yet it was not the abject poverty that I minded so much as not having him around to teach me: How to relate to girls and men. When to fight and when to give in. How to be a dad." By Gregory A. Patterson, Star Tribune Link to Article (last visited 6-18-06 NVS)

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