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Monday, June 19, 2006

Foregiving Fathers

"When I call Daddy on Father's Day, it will not be collect, despite a wry suggestion from an announcer at church that some fathers deserve at least that. I will call with the pure and nonjudgmental feeling I get when I speak with him during the holidays or on his birthday. It is not the naive idolatry of a boy whose father was not so much a superhero as a larger-than-life enabler of fancies and dreams. No, this feeling is one of understanding, empathy and even forgiveness. It is similar to the grace that overwhelmed me nine years ago in the hours after the birth of my first daughter, his grandchild. As we talked on the phone, our voices wrinkling with joy, our spirits magically lightened, I began to cry. I thanked him for every good thing (and there are many), every difficult thing (ditto) and everything in between. I could see things through his eyes in ways that I never could before. The tensions that we had built up over the years began to fall away, cracking like ice. And I felt a commitment to persevere for my family, to never get weary."By Tohan Preston, Star Tribune Link to Article (last visited 6-18-06 NVS)

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