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Monday, May 8, 2006

Long Distance Marriage

"For most couples, the idea of a second home evokes images of walks on the beach or mountain vacations. But sometimes, making the decision to acquire a second piece of real estate has nothing to do with leisure and everything to do with work. When couples see their careers move along divergent paths, and sometimes to different cities, the hard choices begin. And at a time when both partners are likely to have jobs that are personally rewarding and financially necessary, uprooting one to accommodate the other is often not an option.The solutions are seldom easy — and children only complicate the issue — as couples confront both the emotional strains of spending time apart and the burden of additional housing costs, often in expensive urban markets. Some choose to play it safe by renting a small apartment in the new city, while others see the relocation as an investment opportunity." By William Neuman, N.Y. Times, Link to Article (last visited 507096 NVS)

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