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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Commentary: Proposed Change in Israel’s Marriage Law Is Contentious

A provision in Israel's new draft constitution considering the question of changing existing marriage law appears to be one of the most contentious issues in the proposal.  Under present law, the Orthodox rabbinate has authority over fundamental life events of Israeli Jews: marriage, divorce and burial. Therefore, orthodox Jewish couples are forced to submit to an Orthodox marriage ceremony with an Orthodox rabbi, are compelled to attend classes on family purity, and may not marry outside their faith community. One of the problems with this law is that thousands of Israeli citizens from the former Soviet Union who are not Jewish or whose Jewish ancestry is in doubt are unable to marry at all inside Israel. Another problem is that women seeking a divorce are unable to obtain a “get” as required by Jewish law. Blog readers may be interested in the detailed analysis of this issue written by Political Science Professor Seven V. Mazie, of Bard High School Early  College in Manhatten. Source.  Steven V. Mazie, The Jewish Week,  To read Professor Mazie’s Commentary, please click here (last visited April 22, 2006, reo).

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