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Monday, March 6, 2006

World Bank Report on Child Malnutrition

"Nutrition education programs for parents would do a better job than large and politically popular feeding programs in fighting the rampant malnutrition that is stunting the development of more than 100 million children worldwide, a new World Bank report says, finding that a lack of food is usually not the main cause of child malnutrition.Children are irreversibly damaged by malnutrition by age 2, long before they begin primary school. The World Bank report contends that aid efforts must concentrate on the brief window of opportunity before that age. And in areas not hit by famine or other crises, the report says, efforts must focus more on teaching mothers to properly feed and care for babies and toddlers than on school meal programs." By Celia W. Dugger, New York Times Link to Article (last visted 3-5-06 NVS)

"A new report calls for more funding to combat malnutrition, but warns efforts should be targeted to pregnant women and children under two. It warns that trying to improve nutrition in children later in life is too late, too expensive and ineffective." By The World Bank Link to Report (last visited 3-5-06 NVS)

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