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Monday, March 13, 2006

Polygamy on Prime Time

"HBO programmers, geniuses with taste that rarely falters, have gone way out on a limb this time, throwing in with a bunch of polygamists. But it's a sturdy limb. In many ways, Big Love is an obvious choice for the network whose examinations of families on the fringe - funeral directors, mobsters - have nourished such a strong subscriber base. . . . It starts with mundane domesticity, star Bill Paxton uncomfortably familiar as he climbs out of bed in his tighty-whities. Big Love is about a guy who leads three wives; fortunately, it soon turns to look more carefully at the consequences of the domestic arrangement, rather than the sexual mechanics." The Philadephia Inquirer Link to Article (last visited 3-12-06 NVS)

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It seems to me that people of both sexes and all walks of life regularly fall in love with extra people.

When this happens, why does the law support the breaking up of families. When the assumption is that monogamy is the only natural state, whenever someone breaks it, the law encourages the first spouse in his/her grief, to dissolve the marriage, and breakup the home and family.

Only lawyers profit.

Posted by: snowy | Feb 7, 2007 8:40:48 AM

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