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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Father Files Reverse Roe Claim in Michigan Federal Court

The Chicago Tribune  reports that a Michigan man who claims he was tricked into fatherhood filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court in Chicago this week in an effort to establish a man's right to decide whether to have children. The man, who impregnated a woman out of wedlock, asserts that he has a constitutional freedom to "choose not to be a father" under the equal protection clause of the Constitution.  Suffolk Law School Professor Charles Kindregan Jr., is quoted in the Tribune as stating that the action is a “lost cause," because the only way to enforce a man's right not to father a child after conception would be to compel the woman to have an abortion, and the courts will not compel a woman to have an abortion. Source:  Judith Graham, Chicago Tribune, For the complete story, please click here (last visited March 11, 2006, reo).

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