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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Commentary: Does Wisconsin Marriage Amendment Aim To Marginalize?

A column written by Jim and Mary Jean Smith that appears in the March 20 edition of the Pioneer Press may be of interest to our readers.  On November 7, Wisconsin residents will vote on a referendum to amend the state constitution to say: "Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state."  The couple, who have served as co-pastors in Catholic churches in Wisconsin and Alaska, suggest that if passed, the amendment will marginalize some citizens.  Source:  Jim Smith, Mary Jean Smith, Pioneer Press, Please click here to read the Smiths’ commentary on this issue (last visited March 19, 2006, reo).

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