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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Attorneys for Celebrities Give Advice

"Hoping to help stem the tide of this epidemic, writer/attorney Wendy Jaffe set out to write “The Divorce Lawyers’ Guide to Staying Married” . In order to pinpoint the primary causes of divorce and how best to avoid them, Jaffe conducted in-depth interviews with 100 of America’s top divorce attorneys, including several who can count among their clients some of America’s biggest names. Her impressive list includes, among others: Eleanor Breitel Alter (who represented Mia Farrow in her divorce from Woody Allen) Irwin Buter (repped Viacom’s Les Moonves), Bruce Clemens (Brad Pitt), Robert Nachshin (Barry Bonds, author Terry McMillan), Sorrell Trope (Nicolas Cage, Rosanne Barr) and Dennis Wasser (Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin). Jaffe’s father, prominent Beverly Hills attorney Daniel J. Jaffe—whose renowned firm has represented Nicole Brown Simpson (in her divorce from O.J.), and the wives of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and director James Cameron—wrote the foreword to the book.

The attorneys’ consensus was that two-thirds of divorces are entirely avoidable if couples learn to identify and treat the key symptoms of divorce. Jaffe outlines how to diagnose and treat these symptoms, involving everything from low-sex marriages, infidelity, addiction, abuse, workaholics and “kidaholics”, blended families, dealing with exes and in-laws, the “Clone Syndrome” and its impact on second marriages—to even the most basic of issues, such as unrealistic expectations and poor communication." By Bonus Books Press Center Link to Article (last visited 3-8-06 NVS)

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