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Monday, February 20, 2006

Teaching Teenagers About the Challenges of Marriage

"Half of all mariages end in divorce. People blame financial pressures, job problems, child care challenges. But the real problem isn't the stress. It's how a couple handles it -- what they expect from each other, how they communicate, how they resolve conflicts. When poor skills ignite with explosive issues, divorce begins to look like th only opion. But it is no panacea. Divorce brings with it problems of its own. Alimony payments and child custody disputes are just two of the more obvious.

That's why PARTNERS for Students was designed: to give high school teenagers a first-hand understanding of the challenges in a marriage before they marry. It teaches the relationship skills essential to creating a lasting partnership. The PARTNERS goal is to help people realize that when couples work together to build a healthy relationship, the joys and benefits of marriage will prevail." By ABA Section of Family Law Link to Webpage (last visited 2-19-06 NVS)

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