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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Fetal Pain Bills Gaining Increased Acceptance by State Legislatures

According to a February 7 story in USA Today, fetal pain bills are increasingly gaining attention and acceptance in the nation’s state legislatures.  The bills generally require doctors to tell a woman whose fetus is at 20 weeks or more gestational age that her fetus could feel pain during an abortion. USA Today reports that fetal pain bills were introduced in 19 states in 2005, and were passed by legislatures in Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota and Wisconsin (Wisconsin’s bill was vetoed by the governor). So far this year, bills have been passed by House members in Utahand Indiana and have been introduced in Arizona, Iowa, Missouri and Oklahoma. Source:  Joan Biskupic, USA Today,  For the complete story, please click here (last visited February 8, 2006, reo).

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