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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Celebrity News

"According to late news, celebrity couple Whitney Huston and Bobby Brown decided to end their marriage. Close friends of the couple claim that Bobby plans to file for divorce as soon as possible. The New York Daily News reports that singer Bobby Brown was spotted flirting with a group of ladies backstage at a concert." By Spotlightingnews Link to Article (last visited 1-18-06 NVS)

"Eminem’s granny thinks the rapper is making a huge mistake remarrying Kim Mathers, saying Mathers has brainwashed him. “Boy, has he made a big mistake,” Betty Kresin said, according to “No pre-nup or nothing.” Perhaps Em should listen to his grandmother."By Sonia Mansfield, The Examiner Link to Article (last visited 1-18-06 NVS)

"David Hasselhoff's divorce is set to turn nasty. It was revealed, the 'Knight Rider' star filed for divorce from actress Pamela Bach, after 16 years of marriage, earlier this week. Bach has now reportedly filed papers seeking custody of their two daughters and is seeking spousal and child support, despite Hasselhoff stating the couple had reached an "amicable settlement"." By Link to Article (last visited 1-18-06 NVS)

"Cloaked inside dark SUVs with black-draped windows, a two-man paparazzi team begins "covert ops" on a recent Sunday morning. They're staking out the home of actress Kim Basinger, who they plan to follow to church. If all goes well, Basinger will be with 10-year-old Ireland - the daughter she and ex Alec Baldwin are viciously feuding over in court - and the "paps" will clandestinely snap gossip-grist mother-and-child as they walk from the church parking lot to pray. "We're 90 percent CIA and 10 percent photographer," says Arnold Cousart, 33, armed with a long-zoom-lensed Canon and clad in khaki sun hat, shades and a brown T-shirt declaring "Assume Nothing." His cell rings with tips from pals and paid spies, and a two-way radio cord dangles from his ear like a Secret Service agent. Cousart and Sergio Huapaya, his 32-year-old tattooed paparazzi partner, are ex-gang members and among the 200 celebrity photogs relentlessly prowling streets here to capture stars' everyday lives." By Norma Meyer, Link to Article (last visited 1-18-06 NVS)

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