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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Messy or Not, Divorce is Hard on Kids, Survey Finds

Even in a so-called good divorce, in which parents amicably minimize their conflicts, children inhabit a more difficult emotional landscape than those who grow up with married parents, according to a new survey of 1,500 adults ages 18-35. "All the happy talk about divorce is designed to reassure parents," said Elizabeth Marquardt, author of the study, which is described in her new book, "Between Two Worlds." "But it's not the truth for children. Even a good divorce restructures children's childhoods and leaves them traveling between two distinct worlds. It becomes their job, not their parents', to make sense of those two worlds."  Source. Tamar Lewin, New York Times, Please click here for additional information (last visited November 6, 2005, reo).

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Question of Child Support Payments Raised in New York Judge’s Race

The question of whether the child support payments of Democratic City Court judge candidate in New York, Evan Inlaw, were current appeared answered yesterday when he provided a letter from Westchester Countyconfirming they were up to date. The letter, signed by a support investigator at the county Office of Child Support Enforcement, said Inlaw had met with the office and that his child-support payment of $107 a week "is current and continues to remain active." Inlaw had pledged to show proof the account was in good standing, after being confronted with evidence he had been issued several tax warrants since 2001 and had at times paid his child support late. Warrants totaling about $1,800 for unpaid taxes issued last year and in 2003 likely were paid within the past several weeks, a spokesman for the Department of Taxation and Finance said. Inlaw's ex-wife, Gale Inlaw, had earlier provided a document dated Nov. 3 that showed Inlaw had not made child-support payments for his 6-year-old daughter since Sept. 16.  Source. Michael Gannon, The Journal News,  Please click here for additional information (last visited November 6, 2005, reo).

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Manitoba Expands Scope of Domestic Violence Law

Victims of dating violence can now apply for protection orders under a new law that has come into force in Manitoba. "There will be protection for people in dating relationships," said Christine Melnick, Manitoba's family services and housing minister.  While many crisis workers are pleased to see these amendments to the province's Domestic Violence and Stalking Prevention, Protection and Compensation Act, some say women who may be in danger should be prepared to take charge whether or not they have a protection order in hand. "Women have to do safety planning and protection planning if they feel they are threatened and if they are threatened, to take those threats seriously, it's a piece of paper that's the reality," Bernice Getty, of the North End Women's Centre told CTV Winnipeg. Source. CTV-TV, Please click here for additional information (last visited November 6, 2005, reo).

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