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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Suit Against 12-Year-Old and her Mother

"Brianna Lahara won't be sharing music files anymore. Less than a day after the recording industry announced its lawsuits, the 12-year-old Manhattan schoolgirl and her mother settled their case for $2,000."I am sorry for what I have done," Brianna said in a statement released by the Recording Industry Association of America on Tuesday. "I love music and I don't want to hurt the artists I love."

The RIAA accused Brianna of distributing more than 1,000 copyrighted songs on Kazaa. The recording industry has sued another 260 individuals for similar offenses. The organization, which represents the five major recording companies -- Universal Music Group, Sony Music, EMI, BMG and Warner Music -- filed its complaints on Monday in federal courts around the country....Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) said he was troubled by the lawsuits.

"I don't think we need to club people to death to get people to understand that downloading is a problem," Coleman said. "I worry that the tactics and the tools are excessive." "I'm still concerned that the law and technology are not in synch here," he said. Coleman said he was concerned about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's broad subpoena powers. The 1998 law requires Internet service providers to surrender the personal information of their customers to a copyright holder. Such a request does not require a judge's signature, or force ISPs to notify customers that someone is seeking their personal information." By Katie Dean, Wired News Link to Article (last visited 12-14-05 NVS)

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