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Monday, December 26, 2005

Ex-Foster Children Learn About Home Ownership

"Anita Alston sleeps on an air mattress because she can't afford a bed yet. Just up the road, Katrina Lawson is using bed sheets for curtains until she can buy the real thing.Both women in their 20s have learned plenty about working hard and saving money since moving into their first homes last month. As former foster children -- two of the roughly 20,000 each year who ''age out" of the system without ever having a permanent home -- they didn't need another lesson in doing without.

''The only thing I was ever concerned about was food and a roof over my head for me and my daughter," said Lawson, a native of Peoria, Ill., who moved to Atlanta in 2000 after living with four foster families since she was 7. Alston, 23, and Lawson, 24, are the first two in the nation to buy homes through a new program geared toward teaching former and current foster children the financial skills most young adults learn from parents, siblings, or family friends." By Doug Gross, Associated Press, The Boston Globe. Link to Article (last visited 12-25-05 NVS)


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