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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Child-Abuse Scam Uncovered in Sweden

Refugees in Sweden may be purposely abusing or neglecting their children to ensure that they receive care in that country and thereby avoid deportation, said news reports this week.  The Swedish migration board said it had filed 13 reports of alleged child abuse concerning refugees with police.  The cases concerned children in a larger group of more than 400 young asylum seekers who were found earlier this year to be suffering from a mysterious apathy phenomenon and dubbed "apathetic refugee children" in the media. Director general of the agency, Janna Valik, said: "We have just reported that these children are faring badly. The rest is up to the police to investigate." According to a government-commissioned report, more than 400 refugee children facing possible deportation from the Scandinavian country have fallen ill since 2003 and stopped eating, talking and moving. Source. For more information, please click here (last visited November 26, 2005, reo).

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