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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Jersey Report Finds State Failing to Fix Child Welfare System

Two years after New Jersey embarked on an ambitious plan to improve its troubled child welfare system, an independent panel charged with monitoring a court-ordered overhaul of New Jersey’s child welfare agency found the state had largely failed at putting key measures in place to fix the system and keep children safe.  According to the report, New Jersey is failing to provide the most basic services. Welfare workers are failing to monitor children regularly and children have failed to receive regular checkups or have their medical records updated. The efficiency of the adoption process, a problem that other child welfare systems have addressed to great success, is still lagging, leaving children to languish in foster-care limbo. The report was released on Tuesday. Source:  Richard Lezin Jones and Tina Kelley, The New York Times, For the complete story, click here (last visited October 13, 2005, reo).

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